Fort Frederica        
Fort Frederica National Monument, St. Simon's Island, GA

I am a relatively new convert to Sherlock Holmes and have read all of the original stories by Arthur Conan Doyle, and watched many versions of Sherlock,
 including BBC's Sherlock, Jeremy Brett's version from the 1990s and the Robert Downey Jr. movies.  My current favorite is the BBC version of
The Baker Street Journal

I also have a thing for British television in general. Some favorite shows include Doc Martin, Death in Paradise, Life on Mars, Doctor Who and Hustle.

I got very interested in Robert Falcon Scott, the polar explorer from the early 20th century. When I was in London in 2012,
I took the train to Cambridge and got to see the Scott Polar Research Institute. Since it was the 100th anniversary of Scott and his men
dying on the way back from the South Pole, there was an excellent exhibit.

Scott Polar Research Institute
Scott Polar Research Institute

I do a lot of reading, probably why I went into library science eventually.
And I have favorites:

Ian Rankin
Mark Billingham
Elizabeth George

Being in Atlanta, I could not ignore the Atlanta Braves. I became a fan in 1983 and despite working many,
many games in my job at Turner, I am still a fan today, good or bad. Or ugly.

Atlanta Braves game

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